Everything You Need To Know About Demolition And Salvage

demolition and salvage

Auto detailing is a competitive industry. It’s important to have a well-defined set of services that you can offer your customers. You should offer these services in packages that make sense to them, but also provide them with the option to add on a la carte items if they want additional options.


There are a number of services that can be offered to the exterior of a vehicle during an auto detailing appointment. These include clay bar treatment, hand washing the vehicle using a two bucket method, minimizing surface scratches, applying wax and buffing the car’s finish. A paint protectant may also be applied to help the car resist fading and other damage.

The windshield and windows can also be treated during a detailing appointment to help keep them looking their best. Many detail shops offer a glass polish to remove smudges and other marks from the windshield and windows. This is an easy way to improve the look of a vehicle and help it retain its value over time.

Another common service is to remove road dirt and other debris from the wheels of a vehicle. This can help prevent the wheel rims from becoming rusted or pitted. Adding this to your detailing services can be a great way to get more business and give customers peace of mind that their wheels are clean.

Interior detailing usually includes vacuuming the carpeting and upholstery, removing any stains with shampoo or steam cleaning equipment and treating the leather seats with a protectant. Some detailers may also clean the dashboard, door panels and other surfaces. Many detailing services will also clean and treat all plastics, rubbers and vinyl components of the vehicle to protect them from cracking or fading over time.

Depending on the level of detailing required, some shops will apply headlight restoration materials to any headlights or tail lights that show signs of oxidation. This can make them look much newer and can be a great way to add some extra shine to a vehicle.

Adding this to your detailing services can be an excellent way to bring in more business and keep your customers happy. Many auto detailing companies will offer this service as a package with other services, such as full car detailing or exterior paint protection coatings. Keeping in touch with your customers through email, text reminders and social media can also be a great way to promote your business and attract new customers.


While exterior paint is often the focus of a detailing service, the interior of a car also takes a beating. It’s exposed to harsh cleaners and can be stained by food, beverages and other contaminants. Keeping the cabin of a vehicle looking like new is an essential aspect of auto detailing, and many detailers offer services to clean stains and refresh the upholstery.

Many auto detailers apply a vinyl protectant to interior surfaces, which helps the material resist cracking and fading. Other popular interior options include headlight restoration and leather reconditioning. These services are commonly included in a full detail package, but some detailing shops may choose to offer them as standalone add-ons.

Often, the dashboard and console of a car are lined with a thin carpet or vinyl that can be soiled by spills, stains, dirt or pet hair. Detailers usually vacuum these areas and may wipe them down with a damp cloth or steamer. They may also clean air vents and other interior plastics, such as the steering wheel knobs or doorjambs. Some shops also clean chrome trim or polished exhaust tips, which can be a nice finishing touch to a detailed vehicle.

In addition to restoring and protecting interior surfaces, many detailers also clean and condition exterior plastics and rubbers. For example, a detailer may loosen and remove grime from the dashboard trim using a clay bar, a low-tech method in which a lump of clay is pressed against the surface of a car’s paint to separate dirt particles. Many auto detailing companies also use a non-greasy interior polish to restore shine and help the materials resist scratching.

Many car detailers promote their services through word of mouth or by handing out business cards at local car meet-ups and events. Advertising through social media and other online channels is another way to bring in customers. Some detailing businesses have found success by offering referral discounts or other incentive programs to encourage repeat customers. Adding an email newsletter to your website can help keep customers informed about service promotions and other relevant news.


The wheels and tires of a vehicle are two of the most essential car parts. They allow the vehicle to move forward or backward and can help carry heavy loads. If the wheels are damaged or not in good condition, it can cause problems with the overall functioning of the vehicle.

During the detailing process, the wheels will be cleaned and any imperfections, such as scratches, cracks, or dents will be repaired. They may also be polished to give them a nice shine and new look. Depending on the customer’s request, the wheels can even be painted to match the car color.

There are a few cool wheel add-ons available, such as spinners and floaters. Spinners are pieces that go over the wheel hub and spin as the vehicle moves. Floaters, on the other hand, are placed on top of the hub and aren’t moved as the vehicle moves. Both are popular options for a customized, eye-catching look.


A tire (also called a tyre in British English) is a ring-shaped component that surrounds a wheel’s rim to transfer the load of a vehicle from its axle through the wheels to the road surface. The tires are usually pneumatically inflated, providing a flexible cushion that carries the weight of the vehicle and transmits traction forces to the road surface while absorbing road shocks and changing and maintaining the direction of travel.

Having quality tires is important for any vehicle owner. A great pair of tires can make driving in any type of weather or road conditions much more enjoyable and safe. Tires are also one of the major factors that determine how many miles a driver gets out of a tank of gas.

Regular inspections are important to check for any damage or irregular wear. Having the correct tire pressure is also essential for optimal performance. Check your car’s door jam or owner’s manual to find the recommended PSI for your vehicle’s tires, then use a gauge to make sure they are at that pressure. If they aren’t, your tires will be less responsive and won’t last as long.

Another important service that many detailing shops offer is air filter cleaning. Dirty air filters can clog over time, which will reduce the amount of clean air that gets into the cabin. This is a great upsell for clients who want to improve their overall drive experience and protect their investment in their vehicle.

When starting your auto detailing business, it’s important to market yourself properly. Start by networking with other local businesses and car owners. You can hand out business cards, make phone calls or attend local car events and meet-ups to introduce yourself and spread the word about your services. Having strong social media profiles can also help you get the word out, as well as professional flyers and posters that you can display in your shop. Once you have a solid network, you can begin acquiring customers. Retaining existing customers is just as important as bringing in new ones, so it’s crucial to provide excellent customer service and keep your customers happy.